“Together for digital transformation”

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  • The 18th edition of the 2022 Informatics Fair will take place from March 21 to 25. This edition will have as a novelty that it will take place in virtual format, through the FEVEXPO platform, which will allow products, services, solutions to be exhibited and interaction with other participants. of the event, whether they are exhibitors or visitors.

  • With more than 20 years of experience, the IT Fair has brought together professionals and foreign companies from the technology sector. The virtual nature of the current one will boost attendance from anywhere in the world.

  • The fair aims to present government, e-commerce and cybersecurity applications, solutions and services, as well as relevant results in research, development and innovation projects that contribute to technological integration.

  • It will be a space for the exchange of experiences and information between exhibitors, businessmen, government representatives and international organizations, establishing strategic alliances between national and foreign entities that contribute to the strengthening of the software industry. Encouraging, in this way, the use and development of Cuban open source software applications and platforms.

  • It will also have a virtual business forum, for the presentation of solutions in the modalities of commercial conferences, workshops and other activities that allow the exchange and exhibition of new results.

  • Likewise, as is customary, the Organizing Committee of the fair invites all exhibitors to opt for Awards in the categories of:
      -Government and electronic commerce services and applications.

  • -Cybersecurity solutions.

  • -Robotic, electronic and automatic solutions and applications.

  • -Management solutions, services and telecommunications infrastructure.

  • The 2022 Informatics Fair will be a unique experience where the main representatives of the Cuban and foreign technological community coincide. An opportunity to learn, first-hand, about trends; innovative solutions; business models and key brands.

  • Together for digital transformation

  • Ariadne Plasencia Castro

  • President of the Informatics and Communications Business Group

  • Executive Secretary of the Informatica Fair 2022

    how to take part?


      You can choose a type of stand according to the exhibitor categories: Premium, Medium, Basic

      Position yourself as a leader or benchmark in the digital transformation ecosystem in Cuba. Connect with professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders of the digital transformation of their organizations and the ICT sector, Cuban and foreign. Expand your network of contacts. Establish alliances and expand your commercial networks through new markets. Share your experiences with professionals, businessmen and leaders of the ICT sector, Cuban and foreign. 


      You will be able to attend the presentations of solutions, services and success stories. Schedule a meeting with company representatives at the virtual fair. Exchange with participants during the Business Round.

      You will also be able to expand your business contact networks, learn from best practices, update yourself, position yourself as a leader or reference and negotiate with other relevant actors of the Cuban and foreign technological ecosystem.


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       Lic. Dianelis Borrego Zaldívar
      Coordinadora General de la Feria
      Calle 17 No. 55 Apto 1L e/ M y N
      Edificio FOCSA, Vedado
      Plaza de la Revolución
      La Habana, Cuba
      (+53)7835 2218